Learning to Learn: Why Being Smart Isn’t Important—and Why Learning Is


Written by a bestselling author, seasoned journalist, and expert on education, Learning to Learn: Why Being Smart Isn’t Important—and Why Learning Is uses the latest research on learning to explore the ways that being the smartest in the room is less important in our technological age than being good at learning itself—and shows us how to become better at it.
In Learning to Learn, Boser uses engaging storytelling to take the reader on a journey through the surprising new science of effective learning, showing why learning to learn is so critical, and how to be good at it. He demonstrates how many of our current learning approaches in the classroom, workspace, and community are outmoded and undereffective. With provocative and useful insights in every chapter, Boser describes how knowing how to learn facilitates problem-solving and promotes expertise.

A high IQ and the ability to retain information are less important in our digitally connected age than knowing how to access and apply information in new ways. This is attained not through the traditional three R’s (reading, writing, arithmetic), but through what Boser terms the six R’s of learning—rigor, resilience, routine, interest, resourcefulness, and reflection. Unlike the Malcolm Gladwell–popularized prescription of 10,000 hours of specific training to achieve mastery, Boser argues what matters is not the training, per se, but the nature of the training. Narrow skillsets are unhelpful; engaging the brain in a variety of subjects and practices is key. Learning to Learn turns many traditional approaches to success on their head. Boser’s research has shown him that today, learning to learn is the key to success, and he offers us specific advice for putting these approaches into action both inside and outside of school.

Learning to Learn will be both interesting and useful to all readers of all ages—whether they are students, entrepreneurs, educators, business people, or everyday readers looking to better their lives.


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