One Big Salad: A Delicious Counting Book


Juana Medina's ingenious illustrations nearly pop off the page in her new counting book, ONE BIG SALAD. One avocado deer saunters across the spread, two radish mice scurry by, until finally ten watercress seahorses swim onto the scene - all of the ingredients in one big salad!

Medina's previous book with Viking, SMICK!, introduced her to the children's book world, and now she's bringing her fresh and innovative take on the concept book form.


North American publisher: Viking Children's (forthcoming)

Foreign rights contact: Viking Children's

Film/TV rights contact: Gillian MacKenzie (


"From layout to text to artwork, this counting book takes 'playing with your food' to a new level."—Kirkus, starred review

"Great for a storytime or one-on-one sharing, this vivacious book will inspire youngsters to explore the fruits and veggies in their own kitchens."—School Library Journal, starred review