The Grumpy Dump Truck


THE GRUMPY DUMP TRUCK tells the tale of Bertrand, a dump truck with a bad attidude. It’s not easy hauling heavy dirt from one place to the next, and all that work has made Bertrand decidedly grumpy. But when he meets Tilly, a cheerful porcupine construction worker, Bertrand’s mood begins to change. Can this grumpy dump truck learn to be nice?

Chosen for the Children’s Book of the Month Club


North American publisher: Knopf Books for Young Readers

Film rights: Gillian MacKenzie (


“The Grumpy Dump Truck is just a terrific picture book—both my son and I agree on this.”—Julie P. of the blog Booking Mama


“[Spangler] knows how to create a compelling comic antihero”— Publisher’s Weekly


“Spangler's digitally created illustrations are bold and eye-catching, almost like cartoons. I think that preschool boys, in particular, will find this one tough to resist.”—PBS Parents