The Last Single Woman in America


The funniest, freshest essayist since David Sedaris, Cindy Guidry examines American culture and present-day gender relations in all their confusing, heartbreaking, and hilarious glory.

After losing both her job and a potential husband, Cindy sets off to figure out why on earth she’s so happy and soon must combat an onslaught of unsolicited advice from her mother, her “have it all” friends, a Yoda-like waxing lady, and the guy next door. Making pit stops along the way to ponder everything from the satanic origins of the Internet to her disturbing discovery that men are the new women, Cindy ultimately finds inspiration in her CD collection and renewed hope via a love letter from an Indian gas station attendant.

Cindy Guidry is a self-aware woman with a razor-sharp wit, and in THE LAST SINGLE WOMAN IN AMERICA she takes us on an outrageously funny romp through her own unique mind, uncovering universal truths along the way



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North American publisher: Dutton

Foreign rights: Dutton/Penguin Group, Erika Imranyi (

Film rights: HBO optioned for TV series, One essay available for feature film exploitation.

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“A fresh and funny first book…No one is safe from her pen.”—Audrey Snowden of Library Journal


“[Guidry’s] new essay collection is a hoot, touching on romantic failures, sustaining friendships, the love and comedy that invariably accompany life in an eccentric New Orleans family, written in a distinctive voice and with incredible sexual frankness.”—Susan Larson of The Times Picayune

Larson Also recommends it as a “ book to read and give on Valentines day”

Aly Semigran of Entertainment Weekly compares the book to “Sex in the City”, noting that “Guirdy’s quest to find love after seemingly endless humiliation and heartbreak is more hopeful 
and genuine—not to mention more
 relatable—than Carrie Bradshaw's ever was.”


"A hopeless romantic, neurotic and funny, Guidry puts her heart on her sleeve.”—Tammar Stein of the St. Petersburg Times


"Wickedly funny. Continuously rib-tickling except for the moments it reminded me that I'm ashamed to be a man"—Paul Dinello, writer and co-star, Strangers with Candy 


“Like a modern day Dorothy Parker, Cindy Guidry is wickedly observant and outrageously funny…The Last Single Woman in America is filled with tenderness, truth, power and pain, and one can only hope that this marks the beginning of a long-term relationship with a remarkable new writer.”—Ben Sherwood, author of The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud and The Man Who Ate the 747