A World Without Ice


Much has been written about global warming, but the crucial relationship between people and ice has received little focus—until now. As one of the world’s leading experts on climate change, Henry Pollack provides an accessible, comprehensive survey of ice as a force of nature, and the potential consequences as we face the possibility of a world without ice.

A WORLD WITHOUT ICE traces the effect of mountain glaciers on supplies of drinking water and agricultural irrigation, as well as the current results of melting permafrost and shrinking Arctic sea ice—a situation that has degraded the habitat of numerous animals and sparked an international race for seabed oil and minerals. Catastrophic possibilities loom, including rising sea levels and subsequent flooding of lowlying regions worldwide, and the ultimate displacement of millions of coastal residents. A World Without Ice answers our most urgent questions about this pending crisis, laying out the necessary steps for managing the unavoidable and avoiding the unmanageable.




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Shortlisted for this year's Royal Society Prize for Science Books. The winner will be announced October 21.


2010 Now Living Book Awards silver medalist in the category of Green Living.


"Pollack, a geophysicist with the admirable ability to communicate in a language other than math, presents the stark facts of today's situation and offers careful descriptions of the likelihood of a frightening future, should earth's climate continue to change...A sober and sobering book."—Patricia Monaghan of Booklist


"A World Without Ice should be read by every responsible citizen of this planet."—Publisher's Weekly 


"Seldom has a scientist written so well and so clearly for the lay reader. Pollack's explanations of how researchers can tell that the climate is warming faster than normal are free of the usual scientific jargon and understandable. All readers concerned about global warming and students writing papers on the topic will want this excellent and important volume."—Library Journal (starred review)


"[Pollack] gives clear answers to urgent questions in addition to laying out the actions we must take."—JoAnn Blake of Examiner.com


"I was impressed with Pollack's combination of thorough detail and easy-to-follow descriptions of scientific processes...I felt as if I learned a lot at my level of understanding without having a scientist write "down" to me."—Tipping Toward Lucidity


"Dr. Pollack combines a formidable and wide-ranging scientific understanding of Earth and climate with an engaging literary style."—Thomas Schueneman of GlobalWarmingIsReal.com


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