Mary Had a Little Lamp


Updating the classic rhyme with “appliance humor,” MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMP (illustrated by Bob Staake) gives a hilarious twist and a great new take on the “beloved transitional object” story. Mary has a little lamp that she takes everywhere: to school, the movies, the circus, the zoo, even a wedding. One day Mary heads off to summer camp without her bendy-necked lamp and discovers that life without a lamp isn’t so bad! In fact, when Mary returns home, her little lamp stays on her shelf for good. Now what will she find instead?



North American publisher: Bloomsbury USA 

Foreign rights: Bloomsbury Publishing, Ruth Logan (

Film rights: Gillian MacKenzie (


"Mother Goose fans will delight in this offbeat interpretation of the classic nursery rhyme.”—Linda Walkins of Children’s Library Journal

"This book got me right in the funny bone What a delight it was to find this in the pile of new releases.”—Writer and independent reviewer Carol Hurst