Dread & Superficiality: Woody Allen as Comic Strip


Woody Allen's classic neurosis, humorous life philosophy, and complex relationships are embodied in the classic comic strip "Inside Woody Allen," syndicated daily by King Features from 1976 to 1984. In 1978, Hample and Allen collected the earliest of these strips in a book published by Random House called Non-Being and Somethingness: Selections from the Comic Strip Inside Woody Allen. Now, Hample offers a comprehensive collection of the comic strip. More than a reissue of the original collection, the book will include a large number of the original comics, along with text from the author. An all-new preface by Hample provides a rare glimpse into the creation of this material, revealing a long-overlooked facet of Allen's career. A snapshot of not only a personality, but also of a cultural moment in time, DREAD & SUPERFICIALITY: Woody Allen as Comic Strip is a collection for connoisseurs of film and illustration alike.


"How I Turned Woody Allen into a Comic Strip", Stuart Hample on the genesis of "Inside Woody Allen" in the Guardian.


North American publisher: Abrams ComicArts

Foreign rights: Abrams Books, Jutta Pakenis (jpakenis@hnabooks.com)

Foreign rights sold: German to Knesebeck Verlag; French to Fetjiane

Film rights: Gillian MacKenzie (gmackenzie@gillianmackenzieagency.com)