Gully's Travels


GULLY’S TRAVELS (illustrated by Brock Cole) chronicles the the changing life of Gulliver, a dog who leads the cushiest life imaginable. His master, a well-to-do professor, gives him everything a Lhasa apso could possibly want: a fashionable Manhattan address, a fancy collar, classical music, premium dog food. They even spend their summers in Paris!

But it's in Paris that his master, Professor Rattigan, falls in love with a woman who turns out to be allergic to long-haired dogs.  Forced to choose between his prospective wife and his beloved pet, Professor Rattigan sadly gives Gulliver up—to his doorman, Carlos Montoya.  And so it is that the refined, purebred Lhasa finds himself in a cramped, ramshackle household in Queens, along with a family of raucous human beings and three deplorable mutts.

Once the initial shock and horror wears off, Gulliver forms a plan to escape his wretched situation. The plan goes awry. But just as Gulliver begins to make a grudging peace with his new reality, the Montoyas take him along for a day at the beach, where he gets swept up in a harrowing new adventure. Only after crossing an ocean and learning a thing or two about what's really important in life does Gulliver find his true home.



North American publisher: Michael DiCapua/Scholastic

Foreign rights:Scholastic, Linda Biagi (

Film rights:Gillian MacKenzie (


“Seidler transfers human foibles to his animal characters in well-modulated comic prose, while Cole creates expressive canines in fluid line drawings. A spirited animal fantasy for the chapter book set."—Publisher’s Weekly