The Afghanistan Connection


In The Afghanistan Connection, Robert Finn—our first Ambassador to Afghanistan after the fall of the Taliban—illuminates one of the worlds most complicated countries by shining an intimate and historical light on the whole of Central Asia. We cannot begin to address Afghanistan's myriad problems without a fuller understanding of its long, rich history and complicated interconnectivity with the region. As Ambassador Finn takes the reader past porous borders, weaving together his personal stories and the history of the area, he provides the context needed to make informed decisions regarding this vital and thorny area.

The Afghanistan Connection sets itself apart from other books about the topic in part because of its approach and in equal part because of its author. When Robert Finn assumed U.S. Ambassadorship to Afghanistan, the position had remained unfilled for over twenty years; his predecessor had been assassinated. The difficult assignment was a culmination of eleven years of Finn's involvement in war zones ranging from Croatia to Tajikistan and Azerbaijan; his twenty-plus years living in greater Central Asia; his fluency in 18 languages; and his deep knowledge of history and culture. Ambassador Finn's access to and understanding of Afghanistan and the region is unparalleled.

The New Republic says of his writing, "State Department telegrams can be beautiful. After Robert Finn, a Princeton Ph.D. in Ottoman studies with an exuberant love of all things Turkish, opened the U.S. embassy in Azerbaijan after the collapse of the Soviet Union, his peripatetic writings on the country and neighboring Armenia were brilliant, equal to the best of Paul Theroux."


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