Struwwelpeter and Other Disturbing Yet Cautionary Tales by Heinrich Hoffmann


Originally written in 1845 by German physician Heinrich Hoffmann (1809-1894),  STRUWWELPETER and Other Disturbing Yet Cautionary Tales reads like a fairy tale breaking loose from a doomed rollercoaster, crashing through a rusty calliope, and finally splashing into the miasmic ooze of Hell, but somehow still managing to float. Mesmerized as a child by the nightmarish prose and haunting images contained in the book, noted author/illustrator Bob Staake (MAD magazine, Cartoon Network, even Hallmark Cards) gives a 21st century spin to these 14 stories—each more politically incorrect than the next. The nastiest things happen to children who disobey the wishes of their parents: thumb suckers have their digits cut off; the pyro-fascinated are set ablaze; and, of course, picky eaters rot away and die prematurely. In other words, precisely the type of bedtime stories you'll want to read to a six-year-old, provided it's not your six-year-old.



North American publisher: Fantagraphics

Foreign rights: Gillian MacKenzie (

Film rights: Gillian MacKenzie (




“Staakes Struwwelpeter is both a faithful adaptation and an inspired reexamination. It’s my favorite book of the year!”—Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing

Publishers Weekly calls Staake's illustrations "a stylistic collision of Russian constructivism and pop art that explode with energy and joyous intensity."