The Red Lemon


In this thought-provoking tale reminiscent of Seuss, Farmer McPhee finds a red lemon in his orchard and cries, "It's red as a stop sign! It's red as a rose! I can't have red lemons where yellow fruit grows! Imagine a world where lemonade's red? Where once-yellow cupcakes are crimson instead?" As he tosses the red lemon across the water, he can't imagine that it will land on a small island, sprout a seed, and someday bring forth an orchard of lemon trees.  THE RED LEMON transports us to a delightful world where people will travel to from all over, to try the red lemons that are "six times as sweet!"



North American publisher: Random House Children's Books

Foreign rights: Random House, Sy Sung (

Film rights: Gillian MacKenzie (