Josh Mitteldorf

Josh Mitteldorf got his PhD in astrophysics in 1987, and changed fields to study the biology of aging starting in 1996. In his research, Josh has two focuses: First, to gather evidence that tells us that aging is "on purpose," that evolution has built death-on-a-schedule into our genes. And second, to understand how it is that evolution can select AGAINST fitness in this case. His academic articles have been published in major journals of evolution, ecology, and biochemistry. He's written a book called Suicide Genes, and he has two websites: has suggestions for diet and lifestyle changes that promote longevity. And his weekly blog is a mix of practical advice and comments on current research, all from an evolutionary perspective.

As an avid amatateur musician, Josh plays piano in chamber groups and French horn in a community orchestra. He speaks Mandarin Chinese, and with his erstwhile wife, Alice Ballard, pioneered the first Chinese-American adoption in 1985. Josh's political writings appear on, and his poetry is on line at He has a daily practice of yoga and meditation, and he has taught a weekly yoga class since 1978.