Heather Pringle

Heather Pringle is one of North America's foremost popular writers on the subject of archaeology. In her career as a journalist, she has written for magazines as diverse as Science, Stern, Geo, New Scientist, National Geographic, Islands, Texas Monthly, and Canadian Geographic.


Pringle’s articles have won numerous awards, including the prestigious Science Journalism Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 2002. In addition, her work appeared in the 2007 edition of The Best American Science and Nature Writing, edited by Richard Preston and published by Houghton Mifflin Company. Over her long writing career, she has traveled extensively, roaming the remote islands of Tonga, journeying through the Peruvian backcountry at the height of the civil war, wandering the dark passageways of recently excavated Roman villas at Pompeii, and flying in a F-18 fighter jet, briefly taking the controls to fly loops and barrel rolls.


Published work

The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust (Hyperion, Fourth Estate, and Viking Canada, February 2006); The Mummy Congress: Science Obsession and the Everlasting Dead (Hyperion Books, Fourth Estate, and Penguin Canada, June 2002); In Search of Ancient North America: An Archaeological Journey to Forgotten Cultures (John Wiley & Sons, April 1996)