Michael McRae

Author of The Seige of Shangri-La, Michael McRae has written about his extensive travels in Africa, South America, and Asia for National Geographic Adventure, Audubon, Discover, GeoMen’s Journal, Outside, Natural History, National Geographic, Science, Travel & Leiusre, Condé Nast Traveler, and numerous other magazines.

Read Michael McRae's National Geographic Adventure article “Have You Seen This Crocodile,” which sheds light on the conditions of everyday life on the war-torn banks of Burundi's Rusizi River through the story of Gustave, the infamous crocodile alleged to have preyed on up to 300 of villagers from local communities.

Photo by Bobby Model

Published work

The Seige of Shangri-La: The Quest for Tibet’s Legendary Hidden Paradise (Broadway Books, December 2002); Continental Drifter: Dispatches from the Uttermost Parts of the Earth (Burford Books, January 1993)