Tamara Reynolds

Tamara Reynolds learned to cook because she was lonely living as a young Navy wife in a new city, and got tired of washing the dishes after dinner. After scrubbing one too many blackened pans, she thought, Jesus Christ, how hard can it be? and picked up Gourmet magazine. Along the way, she managed to teach herself to cook, got a divorce and moved to New York City.

She arrived in the city with some Calphalon pans, a few good knives, a Kitchen Aid and boxes of opera scores; she planned to be an opera singer. Thank God that didn't happen—if it had, she might not have needed to pay the rent by working as a server for Union Pacific, Babbo, Atlas, Fressen and Prune, where she met co-author Zora O’Neill, with whom she began the supper club Sunday Night Dinner.

Tamara sings when she is drunk, travels when she can, and tells stories for The Moth when she is lucky enough to be asked. She lives in Astoria and likes to act as if she lives in a small town in the Midwest. She knows her butchers, produce dudes and fishmongers, and spends a lot of time in the mom-and-pop businesses in her neighborhood. She freelances as a wine consultant, continues to run Sunday Night Dinner and her own small catering company, One Ass Kitchen Productions, for which she hires her many multitalented friends to work for her. You can see her successes and failures at The Sunday Night Dinners.


To learn more about Tamara Reynolds, visit her blog, One Ass Kitchen


Tamara discusses the trend of supperclubs on the Brian Leher Show.

Published work

Forking Fantastic!: Put the Party Back in Dinner Party (Gotham, October 2009)