Zora O'Neill

Zora O'Neill has been in the kitchen since she was three years old and has the bacon-fat burns to prove it. But she really taught herself to cook while she was getting a Master's in Arabic Literature. Since then, she has catered weddings, worked the line in New York City restaurants, run an itinerant dinner party called Roving Gastronome, and founded the Sunday Night Dinner supperclub with co-author Tamara Reynolds.


O'Neill is also an avid traveler, who has written or contributed more that ten titles for Rough Guides, Lonely Planet, and Moon. Her travels have taken her to London and Amsterdam, where she worked following graduation from Princeton, then to Cairo for advanced study at the Center for Arabic Study Abroad, and on to Lebanon, Syria, and Morocco. Other jaunts have covered Oslo, Paris, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, and Cuba.




To learn more about Zora O'Neill, visit her blog, Roving Gastronome


Try out new recipes on Zora O'Neill's podcast, Cooking in Real Time 


Photo by Peter Moskos


Published work

The Crimson Sofa: Journeys into the Arab-Speaking World (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, forthcoming); Forking Fantastic!: Put the Party Back in Dinner Party (Gotham, October 2009)


Travel guides by Zora O’Neill: Moon Santa Fe, Taos & Albuquerque (Moon Handbooks, 2nd edition, April 2009); Lonely Planet Amsterdam Encounter (Lonely Planet, 1st edition, January 2009); The Rough Guide to the Yucatán (Rough Guides, 2nd edition, November 2008); Cancún and Cozumel Directions (Rough Guides, 2nd edition, September 2008); Lonely Planet Egypt (Lonely Planet, 9th edition, May 2008); Moon New Mexico (Moon Handbooks, 1st edition, September 2007); The Rough Guide to New York City (Rough Guides, 10th edition); Moon Metro Amsterdam (Moon Handbooks, 1st edition, January 2003)



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